We actively tune in and pay attention to what you want your brand to achieve.  We collaborate with brands, Founders and their teams to create and support sustainable long-term growth across third party retail, third party e-commerce channels and distributors on a global scale.

It’s totally up to you how you utilise us. Choose a contract length and contract type that fits into your business and suits your budget. We want ‘doing business’ to be forward thinking, not traditional.




Beauty Bulb and its trusted business partners will tailor 1, 2 or 3 hour workshops to suit the needs and goals of your brand.

To find out more or to book one of the workshops listed here, get in touch with us via the link below.

By Faye Speedie
An hour to discuss and strategize plans in relation to your brand’s sales growth. You decide which areas you would like to cover and we will share insights, expertise and guidance. From third party to retail, to international expansion, to your sales team and business planning and ideas for sales growth. It can sometimes be tough for small businesses to make big decisions alone and so Faye will happily act as you sounding board and share her learnings from the last 15 years.
1 Hour – £250 + VAT
By Faye Speedie and Jacqui Ripley
This session is designed to help brands to develop their sales, awareness, image and get noticed. From ideas on sales channel strategy, new product development and messaging, to getting noticed by consumers and the beauty business world, we’ll share advice and expertise on the areas that can have most impact in relation to growing brands and standing out from the competition.
2 Hours – £600 + VAT

By Unwired Creative
A one hour brainstorming session to generate innovative ideas or turn your innovative ideas into action. Designed specifically to help brands evolve and build a new playbook for a digital-first era. From creative cheat sheets, to doing a deep dive on specific digital and social platforms – think of us as your virtual whiteboard, what we cover is entirely up to you.
1 hour – £150 + VAT

By Unwired Creative
The contacts you have in your database are the heart of your marketing, sales, and customer strategies. They’re the real people your business provides value to. And in return for that value, they help you grow your business. In this workshop you will learn how to create an email marketing strategy to empower your company and grow your email list to create a community that builds customer loyalty.
2 hours – £250 + VAT

By Unwired Creative
Over the years we’ve developed our approach to brand, digital and creative strategies, refining the process to create a core offering of simple, yet effective Digital Health Check that really works for our clients. This workshop has been designed to help you understand how effective your existing digital touch points are, offer tips and advice to make it better as well as giving you a clear focus list of what you need to prioritise.
3 hours – £350 + VAT

By Olivia Byrne Design
This session will cover the look and feel of your current branding and how it could be refined or updated to better convey your brand’s ethos and goals.
The workshop consists of a questionnaire (to be completed prior to the workshop) and then 1 hour on zoom meeting to review your brand’s existing identity (for example; logo, colour scheme, website & marketing materials) and take an in-depth look at its effectiveness. Based on feedback from the meeting, Oliva will then spend 2 hours creating design recommendations.
3 Hours – £350 + VAT

By Jacqui Ripley
The battle of the brands has never been fiercer and this lesson in clever and creative comms will show you how to make your brand stand out against your competitors. This session will find your brand’s unique story and show you how to write about it. Jacqui will give insight on how to develop a vision, avoid PR fatigue, work out your brand’s equation for maximum coverage and ensure that you get noticed. You will learn how to create a press release and subject box that will be seen and heard and you’ll hear how you can secure organic content.
2 Hours – £350 + VAT

By Jacqui Ripley
Relationships are everything. Building and nurturing them on and off social media is crucial to long-term brand visibility and success. This workshop will cover the difference between influencers/print media/digital media what each is looking for from a brand. You will cover how to build relationships on social media in an authentic way and how to turn a fanbase into a community on social. Jacqui will show you how to create the best possible content via a well thought-out process and a detailed brief. You’ll also look at building your brand culture via your relationships and how to use experts in your brand’s field to build and form trusted and long-lasting relationships.
2 Hours – £350 + VAT




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